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Satellite Internet Provider Iraq


As access to instant information becomes ever more mission critical, Talia are specialists in providing connectivity across Iraq. As satellite communications specialists we know how to connect you.

If you need satellite (VSAT) connectivity, talk to the experts. Many companies rely on Talia to provide Internet access to the most remote areas. With flexible connectivity packages including variable contention ratios on both forward and return paths you can get exactly the bandwidth you need in the most cost effective manner. With offices in Erbil, Baghdad and Basra we have teams on the ground to support you.

business-menDedicated Networks

Talia supports a wide variety of dedicated bandwidth solutions, from 18 Mbps downstream to 8.4 Mbps upstream to the smallest packages you require. And, since our networks are available in a variety of service levels and configurations, you can get exactly the bandwidth you need in the most cost effective manner. If you are looking for a dedicated connection contact us today.

With access to our MPLS network and the local IPTC fiber network across Iraq, we are your ideal communications partner.


satsShared Networks

iDirect is the industry leader in satellite-based broadband access solutions delivering all the benefits of high speed IP networking beyond the constraints of traditional landline networks. Developed specifically to meet the communication needs of satellite customers, iDirect powered networks deliver the speed, performance and flexibility to fulfil the most demanding requirements of today’s end users.

As a network provider, Talia’s own Network Management System (NMS) which allows us to monitor your systems remotely, provide reports on usage and problems.

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Benefits of choosing Talia

  • Access

    Talia’s solutions enable urban and rural users the same level of coverage.

  • Immediate

    Instant access to VSAT technology, eliminating a need for a costly infrastructure.

  • Multicasting

    Satellite provides the most cost effective way to multicast data, audio, and voice content.

  • Redundancy

    We have full redundancy providing guaranteed levels of up-time and service quality.