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VSAT satellite Internet

Talia takes pride in the research and development of new technologies and services, further opening the satellite market to a broad range of users.

Talia provides satellite connectivity across five continents including North America, Central and South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia. With offices in the US, Africa, Europe and the Middle East we make an ideal communications partner. You can view our coverage here.

Dedicated or shared networks

Talia provides both dedicated and shared networks. If you are not sure what solution would work best for you please contact us to discuss.


Dedicated Networks

Talia supports a wide variety of dedicated bandwidth solutions, from 18 Mbps downstream to 8.4 Mbps upstream to the smallest packages you require. And, since our networks are available in a variety of service levels and configurations, you can get exactly the bandwidth you need in the most cost effective manner.

If you are looking for upstream speeds of greater than 256kbps and up to 20 Mbps downstream, you may want to consider our Newtec Dialog platform.

If you are looking for a dedicated connection contact us today.


Shared Networks

iDirect is the industry leader in satellite-based broadband access solutions delivering all the benefits of high speed IP networking beyond the constraints of traditional landline networks. Developed specifically to meet the communication needs of satellite customers, iDirect powered networks deliver the speed, performance and flexibility to fulfil the most demanding requirements of today’s end users.

As a network provider, Talia’s own Network Management System (NMS) which allows us to monitor your systems remotely, provide reports on usage and problems.

NEW Ka band services

Ka band dedicated bandwidth services

Talia has now added Ka band services covering Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait to our list of existing satellite coverage (see Arabsat 5C Ka Band map above). The services will provide resellers with higher speeds and more affordable bandwidth.

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Shared Ka band volume services

Similar to a mobile phone contract, the Ka band volume service is based on an overall monthly data limit. All services are provided via the Quika online platform with our lowest price per Mbps ever.

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