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Secure Connect

With a huge number of devices used to communicate across organisations, our Secure Connect™ network, through 3G, terrestrial, or satellite is critical to any security conscious organisation.

Mobile communications

Mobile devices are an integral part of every organisation’s telecommunications infrastructure. Smartphones are becoming the primary method of communication, and the requirement to conveniently and securely share information is critical.

Built on the Cisco® AnyConnect® VPN platform, Talia Secure Connect™ is available for iOS and Android smartphones, as well as for Windows, MacOS X, and Linux workstations. Talia Secure Connect™ enables Enterprises to maintain and manage remote devices, preventing interception and unauthorised access.


A huge number of different devices are now in use across organisations, making security a concern not only for data, but also for voice, chat, email, and video conferencing. Talia Secure Connect™ protects information, whether it is over 3G, terrestrial, or satellite networks, without complication.

End-to-end security

As mobility requirements for organisations increase, so do security concerns. Smartphones and laptop computers are portable treasure troves of information, and are the preferred target for attack. Our end-to-end security solutions are network independent and the most effective solution for protecting sensitive and confidential information.

Your network, your way

Talia Secure Connect™ is available as a hosted service on the Talia Cloud, or can be installed at your premises on hardware dedicated to, and maintained by, your organisation. In both cases, your organisation can utilise any commercially available network service whilst retaining privacy and security.


Talia Secure Connect™ is a cost-effective software solution that enables secure mobile communications, allowing organisations to communicate seamlessly and securely. Our solution is particularly beneficial for Government, Law Enforcement, Intelligence Services, and Armed Forces.