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Solutions for NGOs

Talia has developed a wide range of services and solutions via dedicated and shared networks, providing partners with stable, reliable connectivity and bespoke solutions.

Due to limited availability of infrastructure in rural areas, NGOs rely on VSAT technologies not only to share information with headquarters and other relief agencies, but also to and improve the efficiency of relief and development efforts

First responders require immediate access to reliable communications links in the midst of a disaster. Satellite networks can also used as a powerful tool to help establish new field offices, improve local development, and support direct post disaster relief.

Emergency Management

Communications and access to information is critical in any emergency situation. Talia’s emergency management solution provides high-speed IP communication via satellite, enabling first response, medical or emergency teams can have full communication capabilities, whether the emergency is in a densely-populated urban area where the infrastructure is damaged, or a remote and isolated location where no infrastructure exists.

Talia provides:

  • Fast deployment on short notice
  • Availability in a wide variety of weather conditions
  • Portable equipment (size and weight)
  • High bandwidth reliability
  • Built-in encryption ensures data security
  • Central management
  • Low power requirement


Rural Telephony

Customers in rural areas have similar communication needs as their urban counterparts, but unfortunately due to their remote location or lack of infrastructure their needs are not being met. Talia’s rural telephony solutions allow users to bypass the need for last mile connectivity through land-line connections without losing the communications functionality. The Talia solution has the flexibility to meet all customer requirements.

Features and benefits:

  • Network prioritization to support multiple voice channels
  • Seamless integration with legacy and planned IT equipment
  • Network scalability
  • Centrally managed networks


Solar Powered Systems

Independent Solar Energy Power System for Disaster Recovery

Solar Power System are ideal for powering satellite VSAT systems, remote radio units, network access point, and network relay units. These systems are highly efficient, reliable, easy to handle, and are able to supply AC power in either 220V or 110V at 50Hz or 60 Hz.


Satellite Internet

Satellite Internet

With connectivity across five continents, Talia’s satellite coverage offers a flexible and robust network to customers. Through the Talia Teleport, a state of the art facility, with to access C, Ka, Ku, and L bands, Talia covers the majority of the developing and developed world from a single location.

Talia takes pride in the research and development of new technologies and services, further opening the satellite market to a broad range of users and providing partners with fast and reliable service.