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Oil and Gas

As the global demand for energy increases, oil and gas producers, rig owners, operators, and service companies are moving to more isolated and remote locations.

Talia’s oil and gas solutions enable essential contact between remote facilities and corporate headquarters, and also allows crew to remain in contact with friends and families back at home.

The benefits of Talia’s Oil and Gas solutions are clear. Talia offers increased business availability through network monitoring and management. A single point of management for both terrestrial and satellite-based network equipment that provides seamless, reliable, and mobile satellite communications to multiple drill sites.

Satellite Internet

Satellite Internet

With connectivity across five continents, Talia’s satellite coverage offers a flexible and robust network to customers. Through the Talia Teleport, a state of the art facility, with to access C, Ka, Ku, and L bands, Talia covers the majority of the developing and developed world from a single location.

Talia takes pride in the research and development of new technologies and services, further opening the satellite market to a broad range of users and providing partners with fast and reliable service.



Mobile Communications Unit

The Talia MCU provides a mobile and flexible self-contained solution for remote locations, ideal for oil and gas exploration. It has been developed specifically for outdoor IT system operations. The perfect temporary data centre to bridge the duration of alterations, expansion measures or relocation, but no less ideally suitable as a permanent IT or server room.

The advantages of Talia’s MCU:

  • Rapid deployment
  • Easily transportable and installable
  • Scalable (modular) and redeployable.
  • Versatile
  • Secure and rugged
  • Customizable


Talia Connect Energy (SCADA/M2M)

Talia Connect Energy (SCADA/M2M)
The Talia Connect Energy solution provides a highly reliable and efficient method of communication between remote key points along your inland pipeline network and your monitoring station. With machine-to-machine (M2M) communications using Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) applications, a range of telemetry and industrial automation can be achieved.

Talia’s Connect Energy solution provides:

  • Ideal for remote pipeline networks and drilling platforms
  • Low data rate, two-way packet data service
  • Connectivity through the Thuraya network
  • Central network management
  • Low hardware and per megabit costs
  • Central network management


Voice and Video Conferencing

Voice and video conferencing solutions enable organizations to conduct meetings with colleagues and clients globally, transmitting and receiving video images and providing training and distance learning between locations around the world.

Talia’s conferencing solutions provide:

  • Star, mesh or hybrid configurations to insure communications capabilities
  • Easy interoperability with terrestrial networks
  • Support for real-time applications like VoIP
  • Compatible with existing applications
  • Video streaming from any location