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Portable Satellite Internet System

The Talia Portable Satellite Internet system is easily transported and deployed by one person to provide high speed, WiFi connectivity with bandwidths up to 5Mbps downlink and 2Mbps uplink from any location.

Go where mobile access is not available. With an integrated wireless access point, this satellite solution can become a multi-user, WiFi hotspot in minutes for voice, data and video applications.

Our flyaway mounting system allows the antenna to be easily mounted on the ground or on top of any vehicle roof rack. With the largest case length under 1.6m, the Talia Portable Satellite Internet System can easily fit into most MPVs/SUVs or other vehicle cargo areas. Power requirements are minimal and can be supplied by a mini-inverter from a vehicle power port or from a portable generator.

The Talia Portable Satellite Internet System packs into easily transportable cases providing cost effective, remote communications. This System can be integrated into Talia’s international satellite network providing full connectivity to locations globally.

Key Features

  • One Operator Simplicity – No Certification Required
  • Single Source Provider for Equipment, Service and Support
  • Ground Mounting and Roof Rack Mounting (Fly-and-Drive)
  • Speeds of 5Mbps down by 2Mbps up with iDirect X5
  • Creates Wi-Fi hotspot in 3.5 minutes automatically
  • Dual Matrix Service – Two satellites for redundancy
  • Shippable – Under UPS-FedEx-DHL limits (0.98m system)
  • Low power usage – 90 watts average (150 watts max draw)
  • Works in extreme environments: hot, cold, rain and snow
  • Available in 0.98m or 1.2m dish sizes
  • 24-7 US based support & nationwide field technicians

Wireless 1RU ACU (Dish Controller)

  • The front of the ACU has buttons for Deploy, Stow, Stop, Sat 1 and Sat 2.
  • Dual Matrix – Redundant satellite service
  • Integrated wireless 4 port router
  • No fan required – Operates silent
  • Browser accessible interface screen
  • Intuitive Interface screens controls dish parameters and firmware updates
  • Manual overrides for dish pointing, GPS, Autostow, router, gateway
  • Networking Overrides for IP Address, Subnet Gateway address, DNS

General Features

  • One-button operation
  • Requires little or no training to operate
  • No certification or licensing to operate
  • Dish peaking accuracy is within 0.1 degrees with near zero play
  • Typical seek time to find and lock on satellite is 3.5 minutes
  • Establishes a self-contained local area network with one button
  • Establishes a wireless access point and wiring to computers is optional
  • System is not affected by magnetic distortions to lock on any satellite
  • Operates globally in both hemispheres
  • 6 watt transmitter with 8 watt (optional)
  • Can find any linear, Ku-Band satellite
  • Modular design – components easily replaced if problems occur
  • Operational in high winds
  • Operational in temperatures of -28°C to 60°C at 100% humidity.
  • No software to install
  • Computer control is not required
  • Autostow safety feature activates if the system is moved or goes off signal

Diagnostic & Updating

  • System provides accurate technical diagnostics without dispatching a technician to remote sites
  • System provides historical log of events for accurate diagnostics and quick correction