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The importance of Standards

April 14, 2014

When it comes to running a business, any way you can provide proof to potential customers of your willingness to undergo rigorous testing and auditing will be an additional selling point when it comes to making decisions. Customers choosing a business to provide them with professional services, whether it’s satellite broadband or IP communications, will want to trust the business they are buying from.

That is why at Talia, we can demonstrate our knowledge and experience of the global IP communications market by opening our business up for inspection once again to ensure we are doing things correctly. As a result, we are delighted to announce the addition of ISO14001 to our existing accreditations.

ISO14001 sets out the criteria for an environmental management system. It is used as a framework for effective resource efficiency, reducing waste and costs. We have outlined our targets and objectives and will continue to work to deliver year-on-year improvements to reduce our impact on the environment.

Why have Talia made this commitment to ISO Standards?

ISOs are a voluntary set of standards that give specifications for good practice, quality of products or services and also specifications for products, to ensure that the industry is more efficient. They help our international customers make informed choices. If a supplier in one country and a customer in the other work to the same international standards than this means that the working relationship will be much more likely to thrive, as they are both working to the same set of rules.

Talia has been awarded OHSAS18001 certification this year which demonstrates our commitment to health and safety standards as well as ISO9001 last year.

ISO9001 Quality Management is a strict set of voluntary conditions that a business should work to, in order to trade effectively, efficiently and within agreed international boundaries. ISO9001 focuses on quality across all sectors of the business, in working practices, paperwork, accounting and customer services. Businesses are audited by a qualified ISO auditor to ensure that all their business practices and processes comply and then are regularly re-audited to ensure their compliance. This helps to ensure that the business involved doesn’t start to undo the good work they will have done and irons out any minor process problems so that they can continue trading effectively.

Next time you’re looking for a supplier for any product or service, you’d be wise to consider one who offers compliance with international standards, as opposed to one who doesn’t.