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Business Continuity and Infrastructure Extension

Revenue, productivity and performance are at risk when network resources are unavailable. Downtime is an expensive luxury, making network infrastructure a crucial management issue. Satellite connections provide remote locations with the same communication access as urban offices, extend infrastructure reach, and provide resilience for terrestrial connections.

Keys to providing a complete communications infrastructure:

  • High-speed connections and central management of the network
  • High performance delivery of voice, video, and data
  • Integration with existing systems and scalability
  • Audio and video system-integration
  • Turnkey solutions for distribution
  • Backup and failsafe connectivity
  • Managed network services


Mobile Communications Unit

The Talia MCU provides a mobile and flexible self-contained solution for remote locations, ideal for oil and gas exploration. It has been developed specifically for outdoor IT system operations. The perfect temporary data centre to bridge the duration of alterations, expansion measures or relocation, but no less ideally suitable as a permanent IT or server room.

The advantages of Talia’s MCU:

  • Rapid deployment
  • Easily transportable and installable
  • Scalable (modular) and redeployable.
  • Versatile
  • Secure and rugged
  • Customizable