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Talking face to face with video conferencing

May 1, 2014

In today’s society the latest technology is constantly updating. On all new mobile phones, video calling comes as standard. Video calling on a mobile phone enables two people to talk to each other face to face, instead of just hearing a voice on the other end on the phone. When people we know live far away, video calling gives us a more personal conversation, especially when we don’t get to visit them regularly. Now you can add other people to your video call, which enables you to have the sense of being together in one conversation.

In the business world video conferencing is becoming increasing popular. It gives people the opportunity to interact with other colleagues and clients across distances. Video conferencing technology consists of the use of a telephone and video camera. The video camera is usually connected to a laptop or computer even a large screen. You can also share data, transfer information such as documents or photos. There are many programs that will give you this opportunity, and many people find great benefit in interacting with clients across the globe in this way. It makes business easier to do, there is more of a personal relationship between client and business, and therefore the working relationship is strengthened. Interacting across countries in this way can also save confusion with translation.

Video conferencing was developed so that companies can still have those important meetings without the cost of travel when meeting with others across the world. You can have a one to one meeting or even a group meeting which enables everyone who is at a different place meet up at anytime of the day. Time is then saved without a person taking several meeting which could possibly take several days. In one video conference, one meeting gives everyone involved more time to work on other areas of the business. Rather than a simple phone call a face to face meeting is essential so that you can see the reactions of your business associates.

Video conferencing can also be used as part of a teaching and learning tool and people around the world can hold discussions on their learning at one time, which creates a more unique way of learning. It will enable people from different backgrounds, cultures even age all communicate together. It gives you a more wide range of views and facts. If you are learning a language, video conferencing tuition can really improve your retention and your understanding of the new language.

Communicating face to face is essential, not only does it have a personal touch, it also allows conversations be more meaningful and allows you to understand better what someone is trying to get across. Facial expressions and body language are key to know how someone is really feeling, and you cannot get this in a normal telephone call. Video conferencing saves time and money for any business.