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Talia provides Newtec Ka Band Satellite Internet in Afghanistan

Satellite Internet Access in Afghanistan

With a local office in Kabul, Afghanistan, Talia supplies Ka-band High Throughput Satellite (HTS) services across the region. Customers can benefit from high-quality hardware with the Newtec modem and a 75cm satellite dish. Ka-band satellite connectivity brings high-quality internet access to Afghanistan, and with a dedicated or shared service from Talia, you can connect to the internet at your chosen speed.

If you are in Afghanistan and would like to access Ka-band HTS Satellite Internet using a Newtec modem contact us today using the form below. We will be in touch with you about local installation.


Satellite Internet

Satellite Internet

With connectivity across five continents, Talia’s satellite coverage offers a flexible and robust network to customers. Through the Talia Teleport, a state of the art facility, with to access C, Ka, Ku, and L bands, Talia covers the majority of the developing and developed world from a single location.

Talia takes pride in the research and development of new technologies and services, further opening the satellite market to a broad range of users and providing partners with fast and reliable service.