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Talia broadcast from MERI Forum delivers quality satellite based live feed to all

November 14, 2014

How did they do it?

The groundbreaking broadcast’s content was created by Talia’s customer by a camera crew and live mixing desk on site at the event, which was held at the Rotana Hotel in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. The content was then delivered to Talia via satellite using an SNG live feed, which was then received by a DVB-S receiver and converted into a YouTube feed, allowing viewers all over the world to get an inside look into the event.

Broadening their reach

Over three days, over 3000 people in countries spanning the globe, watched the video feed. Although people inside Iraq were the most prolific viewers, the UK, Sweden and the United States were not too far behind, and the broadcast reached viewers in every continent across the globe. The viewers were predominantly male, and watched through a link embedded into MERI’s page, but the event picked up 13% of viewers through YouTube itself, which may serve as an indication that event organisers who wanted to reach a wider audience could possible gain more interest by harnessing the power of YouTube.

Is this the future of event broadcasting?

Talia, who are an innovative communications specialist, were delighted with the seamless communication they attained, by using a dedicated Wirecast server with a USB capture card. They were also pleased with the reach of the broadcast and felt that this was only the beginning of something that will bring interesting and somewhat inaccessible events to viewers across the globe, effectively educating and informing those who want more knowledge of world events in real time. They stress that although the feed went through in SD Quality, it can also be done in HD if their customer wished.