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 Does Talia offer a web-enhancing proxy service?
Solution At the request of our customers, Talia offers two web-enhancing proxies.
  1. fastweb.talia.net - Text of web pages is compressed and images are down-sampled to reduce download size.
  2. clearweb.talia.net - Text of web pages is compressed to reduce download size. Images are not down-sampled.
Neither of these proxies filters content in any way - they just speed up your web browsing experience.

How do I disable / change my browser's proxy?

Users may manually configure their browsers to use our proxy servers. For instructions on doing this with various browsers, see this WikiHow article for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, MS Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, and Opera.

When entering the address of the server, use the name of the proxy above. For example, "fastweb.talia.net".

For the port, enter "8080".

How do I configure a transparent proxy for my entire network?

This must be configured on your router, which is outside Talia's control. To transparently proxy all traffic, find your router's "NAT", "Proxy", or "Firewall" settings. Then configure all outbound traffic to TCP port 80 to redirect to the proxy server on port 8080.

Using this proxy causes my IP address and language to change!

Using these proxies will cause your web traffic to appear to come from our servers, rather than your own IP address. Web sites may offer you services in English or German, depending on how they identify the location of our servers.

Are there any limitations to this service?

This service will work for HTTP connections only, not HTTPS (secure / SSL services like online banking).

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