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 What is monitor.talia.net?
Solution Talia provides statistics on customers' router, satellite modem, and hosted server statistics via monitor.talia.net. Based on the industry-standard tools SNMP and Cacti, monitor gathers statistics every minute from a wide range of devices and presents them as easy-to-read graphs.

Q: How do I reach monitor?
A: Browse to monitor.talia.net.

Q: How do I view statistics for one site or service?
A: Your username is your Site/Service ID (AAAAAA00001). Your password is the device's serial number.

Q: How do I view all statistics for my company?
A: To see all statistics for a company, your username is your Company ID (AAAAAA). Your password is assigned to you by our NOC when your first site is set up, and is a random, secure password. If you do not have a password, contact the Talia NOC for assistance.

Q: How accurate is data in monitor?
A: Data is as accurate as our own internal systems display it. To ensure speedy and reliable retrieval, it is stored with decreasing accuracy over time according to the following schedule:

Archive Time
1 minute
7 days
5 minutes
30 days
30 minutes
3 months
2 hours
6 months
1 day
4 years

This means that when viewing a graph for data collected in the past 7 days, all data is accurate to the minute. Data collected from 7 to 30 days in the past is accurate to 5 minutes, and so on.

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