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 About cross-polarisation and 1-dB compression tests
  All Talia services require two radio performance tests:cross-polarisation (isolation) test - maximises signal on the correct pole and minimises interference on the opposite pole of a cross-polarised service1-dB compression test -
 Can I use a Talia modem on another provider's service?
  Talia uses iDirect "remote lock" on all services.  A locked remote cannot be used with any other provider's service.  There are two types of remote lock.Hard lock
 Does Talia offer a web-enhancing proxy service?
  At the request of our customers, Talia offers two web-enhancing proxies.fastweb.talia.net - Text of web pages is compressed and images are down-sampled to reduce download size.clearweb.talia.net - Text of
 Does Talia offer reverse DNS (PTR records) for its Internet services?
  Yes, Talia now offers reverse DNS (PTR) records for customers hosting mail servers via our Internet services. To request a PTR record change, submit a support ticket to the "Satellite and Terrestrial" department as usual. For technical details
 Downgrading an iDirect modem and remote lock
  iDirect has confirmed a bug in remote lock on iNFINITI remotes running iDX 2.0.1 (iDS 10.0.1) and later. Due to this bug, iNFINITI remotes which have been upgraded to iDX 2 may be unable to operate if later downgraded to iDS 8 or earlier. All Talia shar
 Google or another website displays in the wrong language or country.
  Websites use a variety of means to determine the language and region to display to a user. The common method is to query the whois database. 
 How do I check the weather over Talia's teleport?
  Talia shares data from the weather station installed at our teleport in Raisting, Germany with the world via the Weather Underground. Yo
 How do I test my iDirect satellite service with FTP?
  You can use FTP to test your upload and download rate. Use the following technique, while watching your IP Stats in iSite: Open a command prompt and use FTP to connect to
 How do I test my upload and download speeds?
 To test your Talia satellite service Internet speed, browse to test.talia.net. This is a special server which is always located at the teleport providing your service. test.talia.net
 How do I upgrade Evolution X3 remotes to the latest version?
  To upgrade Evolution X3 remotes, please follow the steps below:Download the appropriate iSite software and modem images for iDirect X3 re
 How do I upload an iDirect OPT file without iSite (from the console)?
 If an iNFINITI modem has a bad options (OPT) file, it will not start correctly. The lights may flash red or amber, and it reboots every 60-90 seconds. If this happens, you will not be able to reload the OPT file using iSite. To repair the problem, yo
 How to line up a new site with the Talia NOC
  When an iDirect satellite Internet system is first commissioned, a line-up must be scheduled with NOC staff. This process involves having your engineer on site who is in contact by chat or phone. Line ups should be scheduled in advance whenever possib
 iNFINITI Remote Recovery Procedure
 This Procedure is to recover an iNFINITI remote in case of corrupted OPT file, corrupted image, restoring IP connectivity, and resetting lost user/admin password. Please note that you may need WinSCP to use through the procedure, and you may need a cons
 Ordering New Satellite Equipment
 1. Ordering new satellite equipment requires a signed Reseller Agreement. 2. Open a new ticket in the Satellite department and place your purchase order which includes the full details of the purchased equipment (model, quantity, price, etc). You can
 Ordering New Satellite Service
  Ordering new iDirect satellite Internet service is multi-step process that can take several days. This includes paying for initial service, providing technical details about the site, scheduling lineup with NOC staff, and finally starting billing.
 Ping / traceroute shows high latency. What is wrong?
  On a satellite network, ping times may vary. This is because of a number of factors: the priority given to ICMP (the protocol that ping and traceroute use), the contention of the network at that time, and because of the time-sharing system (TDMA) us
 RMA/Warranty Procedure
 If equipment we have supplied to you stops functioning or is damaged, you should contact us and request Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA). To do this, submit a ticket to the Satellite department. Be sure to include the following information about t
 Satellite Download/Upload Rates and Contention Ratios
  Talia Satellite Internet service is a shared bandwidth system. This means that the bandwidth available to you is shared among a number of other customers, in proportion to the service plan to which you are subscribed.For example, a customer
 Scheduling Site Line Up
 Lining up a new site for service requires the active participation of the Talia NOC staff. Working together with a field engineer, NOC staff will activate, test, and commission a site as quickly as possible. As part of the line up procedure, resellers
 Stopping (decommisioning) satellite service
  A customer who wishes to decommission satellite service to a site must give notice before the end of the current billing cycle.  The procedure is:Request to decommission a site by submitting a ticket to the Satellite department.  The tic
 Talia Trunk FAQ
 What is Talia Trunk?Talia Trunk is a DVB-S2/SCPC trunking solution for customers who want higher capacity connections in a single location.What kind of prices are we talking about?
 Upgrading Satellite Service
 Upgrading existing iDirect satellite Internet service is simple process. 1. Open a new ticket in the Satellite department and request an upgrade of existing service. Include in this ticket the Site ID, old service, and new service, including any speci
 What is monitor.talia.net?
  Talia provides statistics on customers' router, satellite modem, and hosted server statistics via monitor.talia.net. Based on the industry-standard tools
 What is my magnetic declination (variation)?
 Magnetic declination is the difference in azimuth between true geographic north and magnetic north.  As the Earth's magnetic field moves over time, this value can change.  It is different for each location.  This is also called local magnetic variation
 What is the difference between decommissioning and blocking a site?
 A site which is decommissioned has been disconnected from the network permanently.  Billing ends on the day it is decommissioned.  It can not be renewed.  It's site ID can not be reused, not can its IPs be guaran
 What modems and radio (RF) equipment are compatible with Talia satellite services?
  Talia provides services on multiple satellites, in Ku and C Band. There are many types of modems and radio equipment, and sometimes it can be confusing to match the correct equipment to a service.The following are guides on compatible hardwa
 What services and ports are blocked on Talia satellite service?
  Due to the rising infection rate of malware, trojans, and botnets among PCs worldwide, Talia blocks a number of services at our border.  The following services may be filtered:Virus ports135 TCP/UDP - Microsoft Remote Procedure
 What version of iDirect software should I use?
  Talia supports a number of different iDirect software releases depending on the type of service. Version numbers link to the appropriate software download. To find manuals and other materials, search our support site for the version number.
 Which countries are restricted from iDirect satellite service?
 Although Talia is based in the United Kingdom, iDirect is based in the United States.  Therefore we are unable to provide iDirect services and hardware to countries on the US Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control embargoed nations list.As
 Which DNS servers should I use with Talia services?
  Talia maintains local DNS servers at each teleport in order to provide the fastest and most reliable service to our customers.  Customers with iDirect should use DHCP to obtain an IP address from the modem.  This ensures you always use the correct DNS
 Why is Broadvoice VoIP Service unreliable?
 Braodvoice VoIP is not suitable for satellite broadband, and while it may be usable, it is not recommended. This is due to the way Broadvoice works, and overall network utilisation. Broadvoice has chosen the uncompressed G.711 codec as their audio comp
 Why is Skype VoIP Service Unreliable?
 Skype is a difficult service to support properly, and identifying why it is unreliable is next to impossible. Customers of many satellite broadband services complain about Skype's unreliability. This is due to the way Skype works, overall network utilisat
 X3 Remote Recovery Procedure
 This Procedure is to recover an X3 remote in case of corrupted OPT file, corrupted image, broken Linux system, restoring IP connectivity, and resetting lost user/admin password. Please note that you may need WinSCP to use through the procedure, and you
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