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Security headaches have a new painkiller in the form of Secure Connect™

January 24, 2015

Security headaches have a new painkiller in the form of Secure Connect™ PC’s have been under attack from the moment we began to connect to the Internet, and hackers have been honing their skills ever since. As we all store data on home PC’s such as financial records, passwords and secure information, we are always told to install a really good firewall, and to take care of PC security. However, smartphones and tablets are now seeing more and more targeted attacks which can be extremely worrying, as there are not as many experienced security providers available that are experienced and innovative to provide the security needed. After all, almost all of us now carry a smartphone or tablet, and use it predominantly for storing personal information too.

The first “hacking program” built to target smartphones, was “Cabir” in 2004, as a demonstration that hacking was possible, and since then, some other hacks have been written by security researchers, in order to illustrate the possibility that those who are experienced enough, can access the iPhone or Android world and hijack data from smartphones everywhere. Although these are just created by those who want to test the systems, it is only a matter of time before smartphone and tablet hacking becomes more prevalent, and we start to see more losses, whether personal, business or financial, due to hacking.

Luckily Talia have brought to the market a new solution. Secure Connect™ is a network which is build on the Cisco® Any Connect® VPN platform. It allows businesses to manage and maintain remote devices such as smartphones and tablets securely, and prevents any unauthorised access to the network by intercepting those without permission.

Secure Connect™ works through satellite, 3G and terrestrial, and allows secure communication for data, as well as voice and chat on public networks. Operating well with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, as well as Windows, Linux and MacOS workstations, this gives businesses everywhere a great way to ensure security across the board. Not only that, but also Smart Connect™ is network independent, so is adept at protecting sensitive and confidential data. This is why it is ideal for Government, Armed Forces, Law Enforcement and Intelligence based services. The level of seamless communication and the additional security available by using Smart Connect™ is beyond that of other offerings, and it allows a business to choose between installation at business premises, or as a hosted service on Talia’s cloud.

If your business is in need of a highly secure network, over several operating systems, on both mobile and PC, but seamless levels of communication also need to be maintained, then the clear choice is to look at Talia’s Secure Connect™ Network.