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Broadcast and media

Talia broadcast communications solutions enable media organisations to quickly connect satellite news gathering (SNG) units with distribution centres, to broadcast news and events as they happen, wherever they happen.

Talia ensure broadcast continuity through fully managed playout solutions using our state-of-the-art teleport, and diverse connectivity to broadcast and switching centres. Programs can be delivered to for playout from studios, on CD, over fibre links, via the Internet, or via satellite links.

In the highly competitive world of broadcast media, timeliness, access to information and the accuracy of messages are essential. Talia’s broadcasting solutions allow reliable delivery of media content to global audiences.


Security and defence

Today’s military operations are evolving and expanding at a rapid pace. Deployed personnel and those who support them need flexible field communications solutions that can be easily tailored to changing mission profiles.

Mining and construction

As exploration continues to take mining companies further into remote areas, VSAT technologies begin to play a more critical role with the success of these operations. Mining contractors, operators, and speciality companies require reliable methods of communications, to successfully run operations, and serve as  a lifeline to employees.

Petrochemical plants, natural gas terminals, large-scale developments, and infrastructure projects are often located in hard-to-reach and isolated areas. In these areas, communication infrastructure is often unreliable or not readily available, making VSAT-based networks the only viable alternative for providing critical communication links back to corporate headquarters and regional offices.

Oil and Gas

As the global demand for energy increases, oil and gas producers, rig owners, operators, and service companies are moving to more isolated and remote locations.

Talia’s oil and gas solutions enable essential contact between remote facilities and corporate headquarters, and also allows crew to remain in contact with friends and families back at home.


Talia has developed a portfolio of technologies, which allow government departments and agencies to deliver secure and confidential information across diverse frequency bands in both commercial (C, Ka, and Ku) and government-only (X) frequencies. The same capacity can also be used for Talia business continuity solutions.

Talia’s government solutions provide secure, on-demand connectivity supporting mission-critical operations to defence, intelligence  and government organisations.

From the battlefield to the briefing room, the command centre to the first responder, Talia provides government approved VPN solutions over satellite networks with guaranteed performance and support of real-time applications such as VoIP and streaming video.

Talia’s government solutions provide:

  • A wide range of voice and network applications, including voice over IP, email, Internet, video conferencing, and content delivery
  • Global security management and worldwide asset tracking systems
  • Traditional and IP-based communications networks
  • Seamless networking through dedicated hubs and terrestrial POPs
  • Flexible and adaptable bandwidth agreements
  • High levels of security including IP and radio encryption


Talia’s enterprise satellite Internet solutions provide flexibility and security to larger businesses and corporations and is best known for its ability to deliver end-to-end solutions.


VSAT solutions play a vital role in minimising the damage created by disasters. The sooner humanitarian organisations are able to collect and analyse critical information, the more effective the response becomes, and the more lives are potentially saved. Due to limited availability of infrastructure in rural areas, NGOs rely on VSAT technologies not only to share information with headquarters and other relief agencies, but also to and improve the efficiency of relief and development efforts.

First responders require immediate access to reliable communications links in the midst of a disaster. Satellite networks can also used as a powerful tool to help establish new field offices, improve local development, and support direct post disaster relief.