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MultiSite from Talia gives customers bandwidth where and when they need it

July 31, 2015

Talia is pleased to announce the launch of Talia MultiSite. With MultiSite, customers with connections across multiple locations are no longer required to have networks designed on a per-site or per connection basis. This allows customers to self-assign access and bandwidth on a bespoke basis providing a more cost effective bandwidth solution for their network.

As a result, customers will no longer have to rely on the service provider’s claims of contention. The contention on the network is now passed on to the customer, for the customer to decide and assign.

Typical applications for MultiSite include:

  • Backup and disaster recovery networks where sites only need bandwidth in the case of a disaster. Bandwidth can be shared amongst many remote sites.
  • Satellite News Gathering (SNG) where bandwidth is only required around the transmission periods and / or lower bandwidths / throughputs are required at other times.
  • Videoconferencing networks – large uncontended bandwidths are required, but only whilst the conferencing is active. Bandwidth can be repurposed for use between active sites only.
  • Video and radio contribution networks – large video or audio files can be transferred between remotes and HQ for example, regional news contribution. Bandwidth is only given to the active sites.

Prior to MultiSite, bandwidth across a network, be it terrestrial, microwave or satellite based was designed around a full-time demand. The addition of more customer sites, or, a change in customer application would result in contentious internal customer discussions, as the bandwidths would need to be reshuffled to accommodate the new requirements.

MultiSite eliminates the need for all of this. The bandwidth, sold in Mbps of capacity, on a network basis, allows for simple reconfiguration. This reconfiguration can be carried out either by a customer or if preferred, by Talia.

Talia can interconnect a MultiSite with both hosting of customer equipment together with the interconnection to fibre terrestrial services at the teleport.

To complete the network, Talia can also provide remote site equipment installation, maintenance and support.