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Keeping connected in oil and gas exploration

April 22, 2014

There are two main reasons as to why staying connected when you’re in a remote location, such as the oil and gas-drilling industry is so important. Many feel that good communication is not viable at outposts without spending a massive amount of money, however this is not the case, and the reasons for supplying communication in this industry, are both as important as each other in some ways.


For those working in oil and gas exploration, they are part of one of the most dangerous industries in the world particularly those working offshore. Because the industry is dangerous offshore workers need to pass a survival and fire fighting course, which is also known as emergency response training as well as being part of vigorous offshore inductions and training. Although everything is done to eliminate dangers, they do happen and the most imperative thing is to be connected to others via phone or data when this does happen. Marine communications have been used for hundreds of years, with the very first communications being Morse code and the use of fireworks to alert others to your location. Times have moved on since then and Talia provide a robust and resilient network to ensure connectivity. To be able to alert others in a matter of seconds is extremely important, and this cannot be done without use of data connections.

Communications with friends and family

For those working in remote locations, life can be difficult. Many will be expected to work many weeks conducting long days in a job that is physically demanding, and working in all types of weather conditions. It is important to keep communications with loved ones during times not only to boost morale but also to ease the worry and concern that they will have for you. In the past, communications have been weak, especially in outposts many miles away from established centres. This can lead to the feeling of being isolated as well as causing much stress for those back at home. Those who are able to have regular contact with the outside world, are likely to be more relaxed and able to concentrate on the job at hand, which may mean there are fewer mistakes or accidents too.

The mobile and data communications available today from Talia are excellent, whether on or offshore we can provide end-to-end services, and, with technology continually improving we work to provide the next generation of service.