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Introducing faster access to the internet via satellite across Africa

November 6, 2017

Talia, the market-leading teleport, satellite and network operator has today announced Quika, a state of the art service using Ka-band High Throughput Satellites (HTS) to provide customers with connectivity at low cost with the use of antennas as small as 74cm. The Quika service portfolio is the beginning of a new chapter in Ka-band broadband services for Africa. Talia intends to ensure that the quality of service coupled with its lower price points will be an enabler for many people in Africa to access affordable, fast broadband internet.

The entry-level service, Quika Start is a volume-based service measured in Gb used per month, similar to the model used in the mobile phone market. Quika Plus is a more traditional bandwidth based service for users of more significant amounts of data. Quika VNO and Quika Trunk offer customers with large Internet connectivity requirements, VPN services, a dedicated link and access to the Talia MPLS network. Quika services will be initially available in Africa starting in Q1 2018, covering 32 countries across north, west, central & South Africa. Following this, Quika will be rolled out to other territories.

The service will use the Quika online portal enabling customers to make payments, order additional capacity and review service quality. The service will operate on low-cost user terminals with the possibility and convenience of self-installation. Terminals will be available from multiple resellers throughout Africa, allowing customers to get connected within a few days.

Distributor’s looking to partner with Quika, will be able to offer customised packages to customers and have access to the Quika Support team who will provide engineering, technical, sales and marketing support.

Talia CEO and founder Alan Afrasiab commented – “Talia is actively seeking additional distributors for all Quika services in Africa. I am excited to see the potential benefits it can provide as the ever-growing demand for swift internet access across the continent increases. This is certainly an exciting time for HTS services and products – Talia fully intends to be the pioneer in these new markets”.

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