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Holly Budge Reaches the Summit of Everest!

June 5, 2017

Talia helped the mountaineer and adventurer by providing her with a Thuraya IP+ and a satellite connection.

Talia has a proud history of working with explorers and adventurers to ensure their safety through satellite communication. So, we are pleased to announce that Holly Budge has completed her mission and reached the summit of Everest!

As the first woman to skydive over Everest in 2008, the British mountaineer conquered her latest Himalayan quest on the 22nd of May. To ensure her safety and stay in constant communication with base camp, Holly Budge used her own iPhone 7 and connected to the Internet via a Thuraya IP+ terminal provided by Talia. The satellite connection ensured that Holly received real-time weather updates, news and any alerts from other climbers on the mountain who may have experienced difficulty whilst trekking.

IM ON THE SUMMIT OF MOUNT EVEREST!! This is what dreams are made of! More pics to come xxxx 💙 #everesteveryday

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The satellite connection also enabled her to communicate through social media, sharing videos on Facebook and images on Instagram. By harnessing the power of the Thuraya IP+ terminal, Holly was able to live stream her summit success on Facebook to over 17,000 followers.

Holly Budge further commented on being able to post her real-time videos; she wrote, “The innovation lies in the latest cutting-edge, lightweight and portable technology that will allow me to intimately document my expedition, giving an unedited and raw insight into the world of big mountain climbing.”

Holly has since made it to base camp safely.

Talia offers flexible communication solutions for adventurers around the globe, such as the Thuraya IP+. By offering voice, video and data solutions, we can ensure that those on critical missions stay safe with swift and reliable access to their family, friends, colleagues and emergency services. With global service providers, Talia best meets the connectivity needs of its diverse customers.

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