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Talia MultiSite

MultiSite provides you with the ability to self-assign bandwidth on a per site basis providing a more cost effective bandwidth solution for your network.

Managed bandwidth

We provide the bandwidth to your sites, where you need it, when you need it.

Different sites in your network may be running different applications, so no longer do you need to provide the same bandwidth to all sites.

In fact with MultiSite it’s possible, under normal circumstances, to provide no bandwidth to the site at all.

Reducing your cost

With only a small monthly fee for every site attached to a MultiSite network covering the NOC and service maintenance you are no longer required to provide even minimal bandwidth to every site, when you do not need it. With MultiSite Talia provides a Network bandwidth which is a bandwidth that can be used (but not necessarily equally) amongst sites.

Fibre restoration service

Using MultiSite, under normal circumstances you can provide no bandwidth to a site. In the event of fibre interruption it is possible to provide bandwidth from a network pool of bandwidth to just the sites that have failed.

Temporary contracts

The network pool of available bandwidth can be increased for a period of time if required, for example if a certain region is experiencing fibre outages or if a known heavy work load is required. This temporary situation can be contracted down to as little as a month.

After the temporary situation has expired the network pool can be restored to the normal bandwidth requirement again.

Multiple satellites, multiple beams

MultiSite is offered by Talia on multiple satellite and multiple beams.

How does it work?

We ask you to install a small VSAT at each location. We identify with you the normal bandwidths required and then the network bandwidth required in an emergency situation. These site bandwidth requirements are then programmed into the Network Management System (NMS).

24/7/365 real time support

Although there may be sites with zero bandwidth in – the site is in fact being monitored 24/7/365 firstly by the NMS itself. The NMS sends watchdog packets to all the terminals regardless of bandwidth requirements. The NMS maintains and reports on the health of all of the sites on the network.

The NMS is monitored by the Network Operations Centre and in the event of a problem corrective action is taken.


From the Talia Teleport we currently connect to the following satellites (others upon request):

  • Arabsat 5A
  • Arabsat BADR-4
  • SES Worldskies NSS-12
  • Telesat Telstar 11N
  • Telesat Telstar 12
  • APT Apstar-7
  • Eutelsat Hotbird 13B