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Mining and Construction

Petrochemical plants, natural gas terminals, large-scale developments, and infrastructure projects are often located in hard-to-reach and isolated areas. In these areas, communication infrastructure is often unreliable or not readily available, making VSAT-based networks the only viable alternative for providing critical communication links back to corporate headquarters and regional offices.

Talia Connect Energy (SCADA/M2M)

Talia Connect Energy (SCADA/M2M)
The Talia Connect Energy solution provides a highly reliable and efficient method of communication between remote key points along your inland pipeline network and your monitoring station. With machine-to-machine (M2M) communications using Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) applications, a range of telemetry and industrial automation can be achieved.

Talia’s Connect Energy solution provides:

  • Ideal for remote pipeline networks and drilling platforms
  • Low data rate, two-way packet data service
  • Connectivity through the Thuraya network
  • Central network management
  • Low hardware and per megabit costs
  • Central network management


Satellite Internet

Satellite Internet

With connectivity across five continents, Talia’s satellite coverage offers a flexible and robust network to customers. Through the Talia Teleport, a state of the art facility, with to access C, Ka, Ku, and L bands, Talia covers the majority of the developing and developed world from a single location.

Talia takes pride in the research and development of new technologies and services, further opening the satellite market to a broad range of users and providing partners with fast and reliable service.