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Solutions for Enterprise

Talia’s enterprise satellite Internet solutions provide flexibility and security to larger businesses and corporations and is best known for its ability to deliver end-to-end solutions.

Business Continuity and Infrastructure Extension

Revenue, productivity and performance are at risk when network resources are unavailable. Downtime is an expensive luxury, making network infrastructure a crucial management issue. Satellite connections provide remote locations with the same communication access as urban offices, extend infrastructure reach, and provide resilience for terrestrial connections.

Keys to providing a complete communications infrastructure:

  • High-speed connections and central management of the network
  • High performance delivery of voice, video, and data
  • Integration with existing systems and scalability
  • Audio and video system-integration
  • Turnkey solutions for distribution
  • Backup and failsafe connectivity
  • Managed network services



Developments in IP networking and the Internet have created the perfect environment where telephony providers no longer have to rely on Publicly Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). By combining satellite technology with Voice over IP (VoIP), providers have the freedom to provide end-users with dependable services. VoIP based telephony provides versitle solutions for customers with remote locations who require unified communications.


Video Monitoring and Surveillance

Talia provides end-to-end IP access solutions, that support video monitoring and surveillance applications, anywhere in the world, including the most remote locations and harshest environments. This solution has been designed to be centrally controlled, be 100% secure, reliable and available on short notice.

Talia’s remote broadband network solution provides:

  • High bandwidth, reliability, and security
  • Efficient allocation of network bandwidth
  • On-demand video streaming
  • Central network management
  • Solutions support star, mesh or hybrid configurations
  • Real Time Traffic Management features


Voice and Video Conferencing

Voice and video conferencing solutions enable organizations to conduct meetings with colleagues and clients globally, transmitting and receiving video images and providing training and distance learning between locations around the world.

Talia’s conferencing solutions provide:

  • Star, mesh or hybrid configurations to insure communications capabilities
  • Easy interoperability with terrestrial networks
  • Support for real-time applications like VoIP
  • Compatible with existing applications
  • Video streaming from any location