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Afghanistan as Hub

June 24, 2014

Joel Allen, Senior VP, will today be taking part in the AACC Symposium Afghanistan as Hub: The Role of Information and Communications Technologies. Mr Allen, who has experience working in the region will be on the panel discussing US ICT companies with experience and interest in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan is increasingly the centre of regional business opportunities in agriculture, transportation, energy as well as the information & communications technology (ICT) sector. ICT is now a leading contributor to Afghanistan’s growth and future development. As the World Bank reported in 2012, just one example is the increasingly specialised role that mobile services are fulfilling within specific agricultural functions. The use of multimedia imagery is helping to educate largely illiterate rural populations and is supplying targeted, life-sustaining information regarding weather and climate, pest control, cultivation practices, and agricultural extension services. Indeed, the role of Afghan ICT has been transformational and this AACC special event will explore the roles and opportunities for U.S. and international ICT companies and investors in future regional ICT sector development.

Biography: Joel M. Allen,  Senior Vice President, International Business Development
During 2009-2011, Joel performed advisory services to the ICT ministries and their state owned entities in Afghanistan and Iraq focusing on national fiber and satellite networks and international interconnect strategy.

In February 2011, he completed twelve months in Kabul, Afghanistan as the Technical Advisor to Minister Sangin on the National Optical Fiber Cable (OFC) Network and to the CEO, Afghan Telecom for network and revenue growth initiatives. During 2009-2010 while located in Baghdad, Iraq, he served in a senior advisory role for the Ministry of Communications, Iraq Telecom & Post Company and the State Company for Internet Services.

Joel has an extensive, thirty year career in the U.S. domestic and international ICT focused on international operator relationships relating to wire line, wireless and satellite infrastructure strategy, business development and sale of service and systems.

Joel graduated from the U.S. Air Force Academy with a B.S. in Management. He served 20 years in active and reserve, Air Force assignments in comm. operations and intelligence areas.

He joined Talia Limited in May of this year to open the Americas office, to expand into Latam and AsiaPac regions, to promote Talia in the energy & USG sectors and to identify partnerships and M&A opportunities. Talia is currently providing satellite and terrestrial services in the Iraq, Nigeria, S. Sudan and Afghanistan.