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Environmental Policy

Policy Statement

It is Talia’s objective to operate worldwide in a safe, responsible manner, which protects the environment as well as safeguarding the health and safety of our employees, our customers and the communities in which we operate. We are committed to promoting a culture and maintaining a framework that ensures continual improvements in environmental, health and safety performance by conducting the following:

  • Recognising, evaluating and responsibly managing our environmental, health and safety risks through implementation of a comprehensive Global Environmental, Health and Safety Management System that standardises best operating practices, objectives, data collection, reporting, audits, performance indicators and goals.
  • Performing every aspect of our business in compliance with applicable laws, regulations and industry standards.
  • Carrying out formal audits, reviews and evaluations on all aspects of our business and setting annually reviewed objectives and targets for improvement against performance indicators to ensure compliance with this policy.
  • Considering environmental, health and safety issues in the design, maintenance and operation of our equipment fleet.
  • Supplying safe and reliable products and services to the marketplace working in partnership with stakeholders including suppliers, customers, subcontractors and agents, to develop more sustainable products and services and ensuring all environmental issues of concern are addressed wherever possible.
  • Promoting and demonstrating our commitment to pollution prevention, in particular by the reduction of exhaust and noise emissions, spillages and ozone depletion, by waste minimisation and recycling as well as by ensuring our readiness to deal with environmental issues.
  • Timely communication of our business activities and the risks associated with our operations to employees customers, governments and the communities in which we operate.
  • Working diligently to prevent all incidents by engaging with employees and educating them in the implementation of this Policy. Talia believes that all incidents can be prevented.
  • Integrating environmental, health and safety considerations into all relevant business decisions as a contribution towards sustainable development.
  • The Board of Directors of Talia Holding Limited will ensure that the necessary organisation and resources exist to facilitate the achievement of Talia’s environmental, health and safety goals. It is also the responsibility of each and every employee to implement this policy and live up to its commitments.