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 Does Talia offer reverse DNS (PTR records) for its Internet services?
Solution Yes, Talia now offers reverse DNS (PTR) records for customers hosting mail servers via our Internet services. To request a PTR record change, submit a support ticket to the "Satellite and Terrestrial" department as usual. For technical details, read on.

All Talia customers with Internet service via satellite or terrestrial (fiber, wireless) are assigned static public IP addresses. These addresses come from our static IP assignment pool and are given reverse DNS (PTR, pronounced "pointer") records such as: IN PTR static-80-251-3-118.talia.net.

Some mail servers on the Internet require that a sending email server have a matching PTR record, and will reject email from servers without it. For those customers, we can change this default "static" PTR record to their mail server name: IN PTR mail.example.com.

Such customers should also configure appropriate A and MX records in their own DNS server:

example.com IN MX mail.example.com.
mail.example.com IN A

In addition, Talia provide physical and virtual server hosting at our Raisting teleport and co-location facility. We also offer custom PTR records for these servers.

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