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 Can I use a Talia modem on another provider's service?
Solution Talia uses iDirect "remote lock" on all services.  A locked remote cannot be used with any other provider's service.  There are two types of remote lock.

Hard lock

If bought your modem at our standard discounted price after 1 March 2010, it was delivered permanently locked to Talia service.  This lock cannot be removed.  All "Talia Broadband" modems are permanently locked.

Soft lock

If you subscribed to Talia service using a pre-existing modem, or purchased it from Talia at full price, it will be locked as part of the line up process.  This is a software lock, and can be removed by entering a unique key code via the telnet interface.  Customers may request the key by submitting a ticket via our support system.  We will only provide the key to resellers or direct end-users that have paid their balance in full.

Checking lock status

To check if your modem is locked, login to the telnet interface as the "admin" user.

On iDS 8, use the "rlock" command.

> rlock
Remote lock status: UNLOCKED
Remote lock status: LOCKED

On iDX 2, use the "rmtlock status" command.

> rmtlock status
Remote lock is NOT engaged. This remote is free to join any network.
Remote lock is engaged.
Remote lock is permanently engaged.

Attemping to use a locked remote on another network will cause the following message to be displayed in the telnet interface.
> This Remote CANNOT OPERATE in this NETWORK!

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