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 How can I create an Email address?
  Creating an email address for your domain name is easily accomplished within your cPanel.
 How can I receive maintenance warnings for my Silverserve hosted domain?
 Talia announced all planned maintenance on Silverserve hosted domains through the registered contact email in cPanel. To update this, please:Login to cPanelUnder "Prefe
 How do I configure my browser to trust SSL certificates signed by Talia CA?
  All Silverserve.com servers have certificates signed by Thawte, a leading global SSL certificate authority.  All major browsers will trust these certificates.However, some internal Talia web servers may
 How do I save my language preferences in Horde webmail?
 When you login to Horde webmail, you are prompted to choose a language. This language defaults to the same as the operating system of the computer you are using. Instead, you may wish to select a language permanently. To do this: 1. Login to Horde
 How do i setup work email on iPhone, iPad and iPod.
  To setup your iPhone to receive email, please do the following:Go to Settings on the iPhone.Go to Mail, Contacts, Calendars.Select
 How do i setup work email on Mac Mail
  Below are the procedure of setting up your email account on Mac:Select Mail / Preferences. Click the Accounts button at the top of the window. Add a new account by clicking the plus (+) button (in the bottom lef
 How do reset my billing or domain password?
 In order to reset passwords for your Modernbill (billing) or cPanel (domain manager), you must send one of the following on official company letterhead: 1. A FAX, to +44 207 631 3343. 2. A letter by post, to: Talia 19 Nassau Street London W1W 7
 My domain was used to send spam. Can I prevent this?
 Unfortunately, there is no way to stop spammers from sending spam with a forged "From:" line. SMTP, the protocol that defines how email is sent, does not authenticate the sender. Therefore, it is possible to send email with anything in the "From:" line,
 What happens when my domain expires?
  In real, domains do not expire exactly on the expiration date mentioned in the 'whois' command. If you miss this expiration date and do not renew your domain by this time, do not despair. Your expired domain will persist in a grace period for 40 days wh
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