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Service Delivery Director (Dubai)

The Global Service Delivery Director will be responsible for the Global Service Delivery Team.

The individual will be working closely with our program managers and service partners. The Global Service Delivery Director will be responsible for monitoring build progress, overseeing finance and ensuring project quality. Making strategic decisions and providing leadership and direction to project managers to implement those decisions.


  • Provides leadership for the Global Service Delivery Team
  • Provides service delivery leadership, support, and accountability for network deployment projects in high profile enterprise locations
  • Project documentation repository
  • Craft influential communications and deliver with clarity, confidence, and enthusiasm
  • Manage site revisit work queue for change requests or incomplete work orders
  • Develop and sustain trust-based relationships with CEO, Vice Presidents, and Executives
  • Ensure implementations meet client objectives and client satisfaction is achieved and exceeded
  • Ensure project implementation plan is built and formally delivered to client
  • Facilitate project status meetings with key stakeholders on a regular basis
  • Ensure project monitoring and control ensuring project milestones and key tasks are accomplished and overall timelines are met
  • Responsible for identifying new Service Delivery Partners


  • Ensure the Global Service Delivery Team are aligned with business strategy, business objectives, business requirements and standards
  • Work with internal and external teams to ensure actions are taken and completed to protect and improve the Global Service Delivery Team
  • Responsible for incident, change, problem, and escalation processes.
  • Ensure that necessary artifacts, tools, processes, and documentation are in place.
  • Identify trends that could potentially impact the type, level, or utilization of services provided.
  • Maintain and improve internal service quality and quality control across the service delivery department.
  • Ensure service is delivered with consistency and quality, compliance, and security standards and delivery of associated corrective service actions.
  • Analyse data to accurately forecast and lead operational performance, key performance indicators and resource requirements.
  • Work in tandem with global support, engineering, and sales teams to identify additional opportunities to automate and optimize processes and procedures to further improve SLAs, and key performance metrics.
  • Ensure enterprise processes are in place to support services for continuous improvement.
  • Maintain the internal relationships required to deliver Talia’s service obligations
  • Execute root cause analysis for major incidents and define long-term strategy, vision, and resolve to support our evolving technology initiatives.

The successful candidate will be required to hire and build the global service delivery team.


  • Must be based in Dubai, UAE
  • Must have technology experience
  • Must have managerial experience


£70,000 GBP per annum