Services and Solutions

Over the years Talia has developed a wide range of services and solutions via dedicated and shared networks, providing partners with stable, reliable connectivity and bespoke solutions.

Broadcast & media

Talia broadcast communications solutions enable media organizations to quickly connect satellite news gathering (SNG) units with distribution centres, to broadcast news and events as they happen, wherever they happen.

Solution Highlights:

  • Broadcasting Communications
  • Standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD)
  • Full playout systems for major satellite broadcast positions
  • Video contribution links with downlink to fibre or to partner teleports
  • End-to-end solution for broadcast TV and VoD services over IP
  • Customization and integration with existing operating systems
  • Teleport services, with performance monitoring applications

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Talia's enterprise satellite Internet solutions provide flexibility and security to larger businesses and corporations and are best known for its ability to deliver bandwidth wherever it is needed.

Talia's enterprise solutions deliver:

  • Business continuity
  • Satellite Internet
  • Telecommunication
  • Video Monitoring and Surveillance
  • Voice and Video Conferencing

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Talia has developed a portfolio of technologies, which allow government departments and agencies to deliver secure and confidential information across diverse frequency bands in both commercial (C, Ka, and Ku) and government-only (X) frequencies. The same capacity can also be used for Talia business continuity solutions.

Features and benefits:

  • A wide range of voice and network applications, including voice over IP, email, Internet, video conferencing, and content delivery
  • Global security management and worldwide asset tracking systems
  • Traditional and IP-based communications networks
  • Seamless networking through dedicated hubs and terrestrial POPs
  • Flexible and adaptable bandwidth agreements
  • High levels of security including IP and radio encryption

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VSAT solutions play a vital role in minimising the damage created by disasters. The sooner humanitarian organisations are able to collect and analyse critical information, the more effective the response becomes, and the more lives are potentially saved. Due to limited availability of infrastructure in rural areas, NGOs rely on VSAT technologies not only to share information with headquarters and other relief agencies, but also to and improve the efficiency of relief and development efforts.

Features of NGO solutions:

  • Emergency Management
  • Rural Telephony
  • Satellite Internet
  • Solar Powered Systems
  • Voice and Video Conferencing

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